[Beowulf] Newbie in Beowulf

Horacio Gonzalez-Velez horacio at acm.org
Wed Dec 10 13:50:59 EST 2003

I need to do MPI programming in a Beowulf cluster.  I am porting from Sun
SOlaris to Beowulf so any pointers are extremely appreciated.


Horacio Gonzalez-Velez,
Institute for Computing Systems Architecture,
School of Informatics, JCMB-1420
Ph.: +44- (0) 131 650 5171 (direct)
Fax: +44- (0) 131 667 7209
University of Edinburgh,
e-mail:  H.Gonzalez-Velez at sms.ed.ac.uk, horacio at acm.org

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