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Tue Dec 9 08:40:34 EST 2003


Does anyone on the list have any experience with TerraSoft's Black Lab 

As many of you may recall, I am a big fan of 'software that sucks less' 
-- to quote a
wonderful Scyld T-shirt I once saw. Imagine my surprise, then, when I 
found that
TerraSoft (promulgators of YellowDog and BlackLab Linux for PPC) is 
shipping a
new version (2.2) of BlackLab that is based on BProc.

Is this good news? I think it could be for TerraSoft ; this move is a 
big upgrade from
their earlier offering which reminded me of the Dark Times in 
(Does anyone else still remember when we had to set up .rhosts files 
and grab
our copy of PVM out of someone else's home directory and copy it into 
our own?)

I'd like to see what BlackLab's story is. but I have been unable to 
find any of the
sources for this product available for download. In particular, I would 
like to know:

	* Does it use beonss?

	* Does it use beoboot?

	* Does it netboot remote Macintoshes?

	* What version of BProc does it use?

	* How did they do MPI? Did they crib Don's version
	of MPICH for BProc?

Additionally, I'm looking for good ideas which can be adapted to a 
toy I wrote years ago called 'mpi-mandel'. They tout a similar program 
I was hoping to have a peek at it. Does anyone know if their similar 
is available under the GPL?

If anyone on this forum has experience with this product, I would 
your feedback. If anyone can furnish me with the sources or links for 
the BlackLab
MPI, beoboot, and mandelbrot program, I would be grateful.

	Dan Ridge

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