EMC, anyone?

Walters, David David_Walters at sra.com
Tue Dec 9 07:46:24 EST 2003

Our group has an opportunity that few would pass up - more or less free
storage.  Our parent organization is preparing to purchase a large amount of
EMC storage, the configuration of which is not yet nailed down.  We are
investigating the potential to be the recipients of part of that storage,
and (crossing fingers) no one has mentioned the dreaded chargeback word yet.
Obviously, we would be thrilled to gain access to TBs of free storage, so we
can spend more of our budget on people and compute platforms.

Naturally, the EMC reps are plying us with lots of jargon, PR, white papers,
and so on explaining why their technology is the perfect fit for us.
However, I am bothered by the fact that EMC does not have a booth at SC each
year, and I do not see them mentioned in the HPC trade rags.  Makes me think
that they don't really have the technology and support tailored for the HPC

We, of course, are doing due diligence on the business case side, matching
our needs with their numbers.  My question to this group is "Do any of you
use EMC for your HPC storage?"  If so, how?  Been happy with it?

We do primarily models with heavy latency dependency (meteorological, with
CMAQ and MM5).  This will not be the near-line storage, but rather NAS
attached to HiPPI or gigE.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Walters
Project Manager, SRA
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