Intel acquiring Pallas

Rocky McGaugh rocky at
Thu Aug 28 12:22:01 EDT 2003

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Jeffrey B. Layton wrote:

> Bob,
>    Very interesting observation. I wonder if Intel doesn't have something
> else up their sleeve? Could they be trying to get back into Supercomputer
> game (not likely, but didn't they get some DoD money recently?). Could
> they be helping with networking stuff (Intel has been discussing the next
> generation networking stuff lately). Maybe some sort of TCP Offload
> Engine? Maybe something with their new bus ( PCI Express?) They have also
> created CSA (Communication Streaming Architecture) in their new chipset
> to bypass the PCI bottleneck. Of course they could also be after the Pallas
> parallel debuggers to integrate into their compilers (like you mentioned)
> or perhaps to help with debugging threaded code in the hyperthreaded chips.
>    Not that you mention it, this is a somewhat interesting development.
> I wonder what they're up to?

Intel's already dropped Infiniband, and they have also recently gotten 
very quiet about using PCI Express as a node interconnect. In fact, this
use of PCI Express has recently been switched to one of their "non-Goals" 
for the technology.

I'd guess that Intel does not care about this market. This is fine by me.
I'd rather have the Myricom's and Dolphin's that live or die by their
products to ensure the products are getting the attention they deserve.

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