Help! Endless RARP requests

Gregg Germain saville at
Sat Aug 23 17:38:49 EDT 2003


 I have installed the Scyle basic edition I got from Linux Central (RH

 I've done the installation and I selected the range of IP addresses
they suggest for the slave nodes. ifconfig shows that eth1 is operating.

 I connect a slave node to the Master node by connecting the Slave's
eth0 card to the Master's eth1 card.

 I created a slave boot floppy, and boot the slave. It boots ok but
starts sending RARP requests that never get satisfied. It sits there
forever making more requests (well eventually it reboots itself and
tries again but then there's endless RARP requests).

 Can any one give me a hint?

 Do I have to go through a hub to connect that first slave to the
master? I know I'll have to have a hub for the second slave, but I
thought I could make a direct connection for the first one.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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