Detection performance?

john152 at john152 at
Wed Aug 20 07:26:43 EDT 2003

Hi all,
does anyone know about the performance 
of Mii-diag using ioctl calls?

Using Mii-diag, what could be the average delay 
between the link-status change ( phisically ) 
and the detection of this event.

I'm using a 3Com 905 Tornado PC card; is there 
a different delay for each PC card in changing the 
status register? 
How long could this delay be in your experience?

I'd like to have a delay minor than 1 ms
between the time in which i phisically 
disconnect the cable and the time in which
I have the detection (in example with a printf on video, ...)

In your experience, is it reasonable? 
Normally do I have to wait  for a greater delay?

Thanks in advance for your kind answer and observations.

Giovanni di Giacomo

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