AW: mulitcast copy or snowball copy

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Mon Aug 18 14:21:59 EDT 2003


I would try rgang, a nice tools which uses a tree structure for
copying files or executing commands on a large list of nodes. It's
written in python but there's also a compiled binary. It's very
flexible and fast. Search for rgang in google to find the download page.

To allow scaling to kiloclusters, the new rgang can utilize a
tree-structure, via an "nway" switch.  When so invoked, rgang uses
rsh/ssh to spawn copies of itself on multiple nodes.  These copies in
turn spawn additional copies.

Product Name:           rgang
Product Version:        2.5  ("rgang" cvs rev. 1.103)
Date (mm/dd/yyyy):      06/23/2003


    Ron Rechenmacher

    Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory - Mail Station 234
    P.O Box 500
    Batavia, IL 60510
    Internet: rgang-support at

regards Thomas
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