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Thu Aug 14 18:55:20 EDT 2003

Hi Farschad,

Here are only some possible answers to your questions. Like all things,
there is more than one way to do these things.

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 13:21, Farschad Torabi wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a new user to this mailing list. 
> And also I am very new to Beowulf clusters.
> So I will have to many questions, please be patient :^)
> At the moment, I want to run a sample program using
> MPI. The program is in F90 and I use PGF90 to compile it.
> I installed the MPICH and pgf90 and compiled the program successfully. Now, my question is that how can I run the output executable file on a cluster??

using mpich:
<mpich install directory>/bin/mpirun -np <# of nodes to run on> \
-machinefile <mpich install directory>/util/machines/machines.LINUX \
<executable name>
the -machinefile doesn't need need to be explicit, as long as you have
the file mentioned above filled with the names of your cluster nodes.

mpirun --help is always a good reference =)

> Should I use lamboot to make the systems ready to work together?? It seems that lamboot is not for MPICH. It is for LAM and now I want to know, what is 
> the alternative command for lamboot!!

There isn't one. Just have whatever shell your using with mpich (rsh or
ssh) setup so that you don't need a password to login to the nodes.

> Thank you in advance
> Farschad Torabi

I hope this helps.
In case you care, I like lam better. =)

Jason Connor
Colorado State University
Prof. Scott Denning's BioCycle Research Group
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