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Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Apr 26 01:55:02 EDT 2003

I can't conceive of a reason to locate a cluster in the vicinity of 
CHernobyl.  As you note, the death toll continues to climb, and the 
mutation rate is non-trivial among the retilian population.  The cancer 
rate is considerably higher than background, as well.

However, parking a cluster under the sarcophogus doesn't strike me as 
adding anything to the mass of knowledge, nor is there too much I can 
think of, from a research perspective, that'd require or benefit from 
on-site cluster computations.

I suspect one reason no one is wanting to talk about Chernobyl is that 
it occurred so long ago, at least in American terms, that it's ancient 
history.  We know what caused it (carelessness) and we know a lot of 
damage was wrought.  Right now, aside from documenting mutation and 
cancer rates, neither of which requires massively parallel applications, 
there's some interesting structural engineering data to be gleaned from 
the concrete sarcophygus  (overshroud of reinforced concrete that's 
decaying at a pretty amazing rate.  But, I think I'd to my assessments 
on-site, then go home to decontaminate and run my datasets.


astroguy wrote:
> Gerry Creager wrote:
>>Layers 8 & 9 (fiscal/political) of the ISO model?
>>Dean Johnson wrote:
>>>On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 00:31, Jim Ahia wrote:
>>>In terms of setting up mining operations on other celestial bodies, cpu stability
>>>and radiation protection are amongst the least of your worries. What will be
>>>needed is "diplomacy hardened" and "bureaucracy proofed" processes. Technical
>>>issues are largely tractable, one way or another, but the institutional and
>>>international issues will be like herding cats on crack.
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> Hi Gerry,
> Since you asked... not sure what distro of ISO we may need but there is a lot
> of work yet here on Terra fir ma... one area of convergence that the Beowolf
> in space might hold some measure of promise in synergistic high radiation
> environment would be, at least in my mind, the site of Chernobyl that no one
> is very keen to talk about but all are certanly aware it is a site that must be revisited... in the death toll
> even greater that our 9/11... and their Russian firefighters are still adding their heroic numbers to the list...
> Who are we to ask them to sacrifice more than they have already... But I think all agree we have a daunting and
> serious job to do in a very difficult almost space like environment.
> . Crazy Russians a little nuts but ya just got to love'em
> Just posting, thanks for list indulgence
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