Serial Port Concentrators vs. KVMs

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Fri Apr 25 03:59:59 EDT 2003

> On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 04:28:12PM +0100, Dan Kidger elucidated:
> > However the current trend is for all new rack-mount nodes to offer some
> > of BMC (baseboard management controller) with an ethernet connection. As
> > well as giving remote power cycling, this should allow
'Serial_over_Lan" -
> Course the thing I wonder about that is then would seem to loose some
> redundancy,  unless you have a separate network setup to run the serial
> over LAN.  Basically stuff like Cyclades is out of band from your
> administrative network.  Course I guess if a switch blows up, there may
> not be any particular need to access a node.

You do not necessirly lose any reduncancy..
Compaq nodes have a extra ethernet socket for the BMC (Hence
You then can use a seperate ethernet hub in place of  the Cyclades, which is
of course much cheaper (you could even recycle an old 10Mbit hub from the

Alternatively the Intel MoBo's like E7501 hijack the same physical ethernet
socket for the BMC. This may lose a little redundancy (if for example a
cable falls out), but halves the amount of cat5 cabling needed


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