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jbassett jbassett at
Wed Apr 23 12:31:59 EDT 2003

Transmeta quotes a TDP for their 1-Ghz Crusoe as 7.5 watts

An Athlon XP at around twice the clock-speed is around 10* that at 75 watts

but at .05$/kw*h I agree that it is unlikely that you could ever find an 
operating cost that would be able to offset the greater cost and slower 
performance of the Crusoe. But the density that you could pack them would be 
incredible. If you were running so much cooler that less of a cooling system 
investment were required that might change the equation.

Or if there was ever a need for a highly mobile cluster system. You could pack 
a great number into a single box and carry it about and perhaps because in 
theory 10 Crusoes would dissipate the heat of a single Athlon you could easily 
cool many of them. Joseph Bassett

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