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  >On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Eray Ozkural wrote:
  >> Has anybody calculated if the operation of a low-power cluster can amortize 
  >> the actual price of the system in a couple of years? I'm thinking something 
  >> like an apple cluster or something, might actually be viable! What about 
  >> total cost/processing power of the cluster ?

Depends on where you live. Canada is a pretty cheap place to waste power,
tho Seattle is better than Toronto:

(But then you might factor in real estate pricing 

  >For things like apples, you may have to factor in increased sysadmin
  >costs, if you're not careful.  Intel or Athlon clusters are pretty much
  >plug'n'play with multiple distributions and techniques, if you shop your
  >hardware at all carefully.

Suddenly diskless vs non diskless isnt just a management issue too -
15krpm drives can eat a fair bit of power. (We have power supplies in
smaller servers that cant handle 2x 15Krpm + Dual p3). Start adding up
to 30-40W+ per drive across 1000 nodes and you have a fair chunk of power.


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