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jbassett jbassett at
Tue Apr 22 13:51:54 EDT 2003

Yes , yes I haven't forgotten that yellow stat phys book that I enjoyed a 
couple of semesters ago. It depresses me that there is not an easy solution. I 
suppose it is better to make the engine more efficient than to try to trap 
unburned fuel. Cluster o' Transmeta.

On another note, I am now the proud owner of a Sun Ultra 10 workstation. I 
have a very heterogeneous cluster in my apartment, including x86 and DEC 
alpha. I cannot seem to get the Sun (running FreeBSD 5.0, fortran compiler 
broken) to shake hands correctly with the rest of the team. But if I run a PVM 
code, he plays ball. Is there something peculiar to Sparc that would keep it 
from integrating well into a hetero mpich cluster. Is this a 512/1024 problem?

Joseph Bassett

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