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Fri Apr 18 13:17:47 EDT 2003

Dean Johnson wrote:

Howdy all,
Is it just me, or does anybody else have the problem when reading the 
"beowulf in space"
subject line, you hear that echoey 60's sci-fi movie sound effect? Okay, 
maybe I need some 
sleep or something. ;-)


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Hi Dean,
No, I don't think its you... I've got that same sound coming thru my box 
and I've had plenty of time to sleep on it.  But you would have actually 
have had to live in the 1960's to understand what the sound was like.  A 
flight to the moon was considered reckless not to mention impossible and 
at the time considering the state of technology, it was certainly risky 
business.  Flying a mission thru the Sun's outer atmosphere certainly 
presses our technology to the extreme of theoretical limits... Not just 
the processing power of the on board beowulfy type cluster processors 
necessary for such a mission to succeed but the velocity that would 
required is on the order of 10 times of what we have yet to achieve, but 
theoretically possible based on a space tested Ion design.  The shielding 
would have incorporate a combination of our most advanced composites and  
not to mention the electrostatic field that would have to be generated to 
protect the sensitive sensor array would perhaps come close to what Dr. 
Brown half jokingly describes as a fusion engine... since it would 
required an inverted plasm bubble... Yep I would say it is a purdy near 
impossible mission... but not outside our theoretical limits... It's 
enticing in its appeal... And in the same manner as the missions to the 
moon in the 60's... It's got that mythic quality about it that tends to 
capture the imagination... sends a chill of excitement in the 
confrontation of overwhelming and impossible odds... From our not so 
distant past it has a sound that is hauntingly  familiar... something the 
thunder of the sound barrier perhaps booming from the past... It rings 
history heroic... Its a great sound, I still love that sixties music :-)
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