Running perl scripts and non-mpi programs on scyld

Wade Hampton wade.hampton at
Thu Apr 17 12:57:34 EDT 2003

Kristen J. McFadden wrote:

>We have a Scyld Beowulf cluster currently running on 28cz-4 (we are
>getting -5 soon).  We have been running into a lot of problems with
>users that are trying to run scripts on the child nodes.   To start
>with, what is the best way to run serial (non-MPI) programs?
>Here is the current issue I'm trying to tackle.
>Say I have a perl script.  (I  NFS mount /usr /lib etc. on the child
>I want to run this perl script on N nodes with N DIFFERENT arguments.
This is sort of what we are doing. 

Our solution currently is:

1.  custom scheduler using bproc_rfork to fork
     our processing jobs (up to 2 per SMP node).

2.  local disk on each node:
        hda1     beoboot
        hda2     swap
        hda3     /tmp
        hda4     /usr/local

3.  cache of common tools to /usr/local including:
         some tools from /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin
     - we are not currently rsync'ing this, but we
       could in the future....

4.  special scripts to run our collection of software
     as an independent run on each node

Hope this helps,
Wade Hampton

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