Running perl scripts and non-mpi programs on scyld

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Thu Apr 17 13:20:03 EDT 2003

On Thursday 17 April 2003 01:24 am, hanzl at wrote:

> For these types of jobs, we are using SGE on scyld-like cluster (we
> are using HDDCS which is a variant of Clustermatic which is similar to
> Scyld but this should not matter here).
> SGE is quite nice and opensource batch spooling. Using it with
> scyld-like cluster for this type of jobs is a bit tricky but quite
> easy. We just create one 'queue' for every slave node and use node
> number as a queue name. Then we use 'starter method' script like this:
> file /usr/local/bin/sge-bproc-starter-method:
>   #/bin/sh
>   bpsh $QUEUE $*
> All these queues are defined as running on master node but starter
> method in fact moves perl scripts on individual slave nodes.
> To run scripts on N nodes with N DIFFERENT arguments, you may use
> 'array jobs' or submit many individual jobs.
> (And there is much more you can do with SGE, I highly recommend it.)

So does SGE see the load on the slave node queues?  Does it show the number of
processors and total memory in qhost?  I didn't realize it was so easy to use
SGE on top of a bproc based system.  I suppose it would take quite a bit more
work to get it integrated to the point where you only needed one queue for
the entire cluster.


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