network(cluster) load balancing

amit vyas amitvyas_cse at
Wed Apr 16 00:06:16 EDT 2003

hi all,
we are working on a experimental 3+1 node beowulf cluster (oscar 2.1 +linux 
7.3), and we were lately  thinking on how to use this cluster to provide 
various services for college campus
like(,mainly for )
1. diskless clients(network booting)
2. X-terminals (XDMCP)
3. parallel programs.

ie we want to know how to modify cluster in a way that handles NETWORK LOAD 
i think i have made myself clear .
can anyone help us on how to deploy this mainframe-terminal model so as to 
demostrate  supercomputing power .
lastly RGB(rgb at provided us valuable information for our 
problem that helped us a ,lot thank you RGB.
thanks in advance.

Amit vyas
CSE deptt.

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