Power supply problems (was: Machine Check Exception)

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at pgs.com
Tue Apr 15 15:03:33 EDT 2003

Thanks for the info, I ending up finding the problem : CPU1.  Which of 
course was the last thing I checked...it took a while for it to occur to 
me that a machine check exception might not be particular to the CPU 
that generates it.
Derek R.

hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz wrote:

>>Does anyone know if a power supply can cause a machine check exception
>Power supply can probably cause all sorts of weird problems, with
>variety similar to RAM problems - problem can surface just anywhere
>and resemble other hardware or software problem to such an extent that
>usual diagnostic steps like replacing hardware and software components
>clearly indicate that something else is faulty, replacing that
>'faulty' component seems to fix it but later on problems reoccur.
>In another words, if your power supply works near the limits, problems
>may be observed just on few nodes in the cluster (or on a single node)
>and there may be just certain hardware/software/environmental
>circumstances which trigger the problem.
>I've seen certain indications that these days power supply can cause
>more headaches than before:
>- note from Abit tech staff saying that certain power supplies send
>POWER_GOOD 'too early', meaning before on-board power conversion
>circuits had time to stabilise
>- overclockers are starting to take power supply more seriously.
>(However stupid overclocking is, their web sites gives good
>indication which parts of hardware work near to the limits.)
>- note that certain Abit BIOS upgrade fixes PSU problems
>- many problems with Abit IT7 MAX2 and 300W PSU I've encountered
>- fact that modern PSU is under software control and hardware control
>of that part of mainboard which gets standby power, opening new
>possibilities for intermixing PSU/hardware/software problems.
>Most of my experience is Abit-related but may be general I am

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