[Linux-ia64] Itanium gets supercomputing software

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Tue Apr 15 10:40:29 EDT 2003

On Mon Apr 14 19:13:40 2003, Mark Hahn wrote:

>> about 1100 to 800 in favor of Pentium 4.  Bandwidth to memory as measured 
>> by stream triad is 50% better on the Itanium implying that you will get 
>> a larger percentage of peak for out-of-cache workloads.  Then there is 
>until the next-gen P4 chipsets arrive (and they have).

   Have you see any P4 stream numbers that break the 3 GB/s 
   level yet? What chipsets/boards?

>> I would be interested in SPECFP and Stream Triad numbers for the 
>> Opteron if you have them.
>me too </aol>.  but if I understand AMD's marketing "plan",
>we won't see the interesting Opteron systems at launch.
>that is, since Opteron bandwidth scales with ncpus, it's 
>really the 4-8-way systems that will look dramatically 
>more attractive than any competitors (cept maybe Marvel).

   I agree on the SMP play. The Opteron's inter-chip 
   interconnect capability resembles the EV7's ... on
   the other hand, HP can use the EV7 (Marvel) do defend 
   I2's flank while Intel does something about its weak 
   shared bus, 4-way SMP design.

>it is sort of interesting that much of It2's rep rests on 
>fairly single-threaded benchmarks (cfp2000, stream).  but I don't
>see a lot of people buying uniprocessor It2's, and all It2
>systems use a shared 6.4 GB/s FSB.  by comparison, a dual-opt
>has 10.8 GB/s aggregate, which starts to be interesting.

   Good points, but if the price on an I2 with 3 MB
   L2 cache comes down and you place it into a larger cluster
   context where people care less about a system's SMP
   content it could be a winner ... that was/is what 
   PNNL is thinking I guess ... but theirs is a traditional
   supercomputer budget really.


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