HPL Benchmark on Itanium 2 box

Brent M. Clements bclem at rice.edu
Sat Apr 12 12:06:47 EDT 2003

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to compile the hpl benchmark on a HP zx6000 box.

I have the hp math libraries and the intel 7.0 compilers.

Has anyone ever tried compiling the hpl benchmark using this compile
configuration? If so could they send me their Makefile

The reason I'm asking is because I keep on getting the following error

HPL_pdtest.o: In function `HPL_pdtest':
HPL_pdtest.o(.text+0x1a82): undefined reference to `cblas_dgemv'
HPL_pdtest.o(.text+0x1ad2): undefined reference to `cblas_dgemv'

Anyone have a clue?


Brentr Clements

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