[Linux-ia64] Re: Itanium gets supercomputing software

Duraid Madina duraid at octopus.com.au
Fri Apr 11 18:54:56 EDT 2003

David Mosberger wrote:
>>>>>>On Sat, 12 Apr 2003 06:49:35 +1000, Duraid Madina <duraid at octopus.com.au> said:
>   Duraid> My point wasn't that software simulators are useless, but
>   Duraid> that software simulators _should_ be useless **4 years**
>   Duraid> (!!) after the public availability of hardware.
> Then how do you explain the popularity of user-mode linux on x86?

If user-mode linux is "popular", then linux is "f@#%g buggy s#!t". I 
mean really, when your attitude to software development is:

	<Linus> hey somethings wrong my swap is full what gives????
	<Rik Riel> stop running 91589 copies of XMMS 8)
	<Linus> shut up riel god i hate you
	** Riel is banned from linux-kernel
	<Linus> k i know 2.4 is supposed to be a "stable" kernel but god i hate 
that riel dude!! :| welp.. out with the old, in with the new!!!!!
	** Linus integrates new VM
	<Andrea> THANKS D00D
	<Linus> no probs m8

	..then yes, having UML as a sandbox can help.

The UML guys see it differently though. According to them: "It doesn't 
need to be good for anything. It's fun!" Maybe Ski can embrace this 
spirit also. ;)

  > The reason I continue to use Ski is because it's one of the very few
> simulators out there that are (a) architecturally extremely accurate,
> (b) fast, and (c) very easy to setup & use.  Ski is an asset for ia64
> linux, not a weakness.
> (And no, just because we have Ski doesn't mean we don't use real
>  hardware.  Nothing could be further from the truth.)

That's right - _you_ use real hardware because you actually have it. 
Everyone else (figuratively speaking, though it's not far off the mark) 
has no choice _but_ to use Ski. That sucks, regardless of whether or not 
Ski is accurate, fast, or easy to use.

Anyway, I don't think there's much more that can be said. As Matt 
indicated, we must pray for Deerfield, so I will continue to align my 
holy carpet of hope to Fort Collins/Portland/Carly's hotel bedroom and 
pray for reasonably priced IA64 hardware.


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