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Fri Apr 11 15:16:00 EDT 2003

jbassett wrote:

>Does anyone know of if it is possible to buy a rackmount cluster with an 
>integrated cooling system? It seems against the philosophy of Beowulf to look 
>for low cost computing solutions, and then find that you need to make a 
>substantial investment just to cool the room. I had an Athlon system shut down 
>on me due to overheat, so I look at the cases and I think- why aren't people 
>looking to use airflow in a more efficient manner. I know the ambient air temp 
>isn't this high. I may be in left field, but it seems like the flow inside a 
>case is so turbulent that the mean air velocity is not carrying the warm air 
>away from the cpu as quickly as it could. 
A rackmount cluster with an integrated cooling system sounds like big 
money.  If you're looking at your case and worrying about overheat and 
especially if you think airflow is the problem, you might want to look 
at lower hanging fruit, like getting cables out of the way of the 
airflow and/or going to round cables instead of ribbon cables.  A 
homebuilt or commercial ducted fan solution that brings air directly to 
the CPU from the outside is a big, relatively low-cost win more in line 
with the typical economics of a beowulf cluster.  The typical homebuilt 
installation involves a case fan, some off the shelf flexible ducting, 
and a home built shroud over the CPU heatsink.

Google and on

CPU "ducted fan"

to get an idea of the range of possibilities and results.


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