[Linux-ia64] Itanium gets supercomputing software

David Mosberger davidm at napali.hpl.hp.com
Fri Apr 11 13:59:12 EDT 2003

>>>>> On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:37:39 +0200, "Adriano Galano" <adriano at satec.es> said:

  >> >>>>> On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 06:55:30 +1000, Duraid Madina
  >> <duraid at octopus.com.au> said:

  Duraid> You and I both know the only real barrier to Itanium
  Duraid> adoption is the price. Can anyone here shed some light on
  Duraid> this? Why is Itanium hardware still so expensive?

  >> Remember that Intel is targeting Itanium 2 against Power4 and SPARC.
  >> In that space, the price of Itanium 2 is very competitive.

  Adriano> What's mean very competitive? How it compare with Power* for example?

AFAIK, Power4 CPUs are not sold on the open market, so it's difficult
to compare the price of the CPU alone (surely IBM has a list price,
but with different discount schedules, that price may or may not be
meaningful in practice).  Here is one real price point for an Itanium 2

	- hp workstation zx2000 (Linux software enablement kit)
	-  Intel? Itanium 2 900MHz Processor with 1.5MB on-chip L3 cache
	-  512MB Total PC2100 Registered ECC DDR 266 SDRAM Memory (2x256MB)
	-  40GB EIDE Hard Drive
	-  NVIDIA Quadro2 EX
	-  10/100/1000BT LAN integrated
	-  16X Max DVD-ROM
	-  Linux software enablement kit (not an operating system)
	-  3-year warranty, next-day, onsite hardware response, Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm
	- $3,298

(To see this config, go to www.hp.com, then click on "online shopping"
-> "small and medium business store" -> "workstations" -> "hp Itanium
2-based workstations" -> "zx2000").

I don't know exactly what price/configuration Power4 machines start.
Perhaps one of the IBMers on this list could chime in?

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