cooling systems

jbassett jbassett at
Fri Apr 11 14:26:30 EDT 2003

This is precisely the point that I am getting at. It seems indirect to me to 
cool the ambient atmosphere in a room using air conditioners, then expect the 
heat to distribute itself so that the temperature is at equilibrium throughout 
the system. It seems entirely more sensible to have a system such that cold 
air would be directed more precisely at the cpus, then have the exiting flow 
directed through some sort of exhaust system which would take it to some place 
that would act as a heat resovoir. In that way you could use the existing 
airconditioning infrastructure at a facility by distributing the hot exhaust 
from a cluster into the building. You could even use a venturi on an air duct 
pipe to keep a vacuum going and redistribute the hot air.

Joseph Bassett

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