cooling systems

jbassett jbassett at
Fri Apr 11 12:41:07 EDT 2003

Does anyone know of if it is possible to buy a rackmount cluster with an 
integrated cooling system? It seems against the philosophy of Beowulf to look 
for low cost computing solutions, and then find that you need to make a 
substantial investment just to cool the room. I had an Athlon system shut down 
on me due to overheat, so I look at the cases and I think- why aren't people 
looking to use airflow in a more efficient manner. I know the ambient air temp 
isn't this high. I may be in left field, but it seems like the flow inside a 
case is so turbulent that the mean air velocity is not carrying the warm air 
away from the cpu as quickly as it could. 
Joseph Bassett

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