IA-64 related question (tangentially)

Simon Hogg seth at hogg.org
Fri Apr 11 11:07:33 EDT 2003

At 10:27 11/04/03 -0400, you wrote:
>On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Simon Hogg wrote:
> > Suppose 'a friend' had some Itanium hardware to be donated to a 'good
> > cause' - what's the best way of going about it?  Should it go to FSF / Gnu
> > / Debian projects to further their development (in general software terms)?
> >
> > Or, should it go to a local university in support of a specific 'end-user'
> > / project (maybe beowulf related) role.
>Goodness!  I just HAVE to take a stab at answering this one (I answer
>everything else, after all...:-)
>It's perfectly clear that the best way is to donate it to a
>University, in fact, more specifically, to the Duke University Physics
>Department.  Indeed, most specifically of all, to the group of Brown and
>Ciftan in the Duke University Physics Department, to be used in Monte
>Carlo computations in O(3) Symmetric critical systems and a new Multiple
>Scattering Band Theory project just getting underway.
>FSF or Debian don't need Itaniums, really, except for maybe one or two
>to ensure that builds work on the architecture.  They don't "compute".
>I do.  To me a cycle is a precious thing as I use so MANY of them over
>the years.
>Selflessly yours (just trying to make sure you Do The Right Thing...:-)

Well, how surprised was I by this answer? :-)

Thinking about this a little bit more, would 'you' be happier getting the 
cash equivalent (with strings attached as to what you could buy).  Is this 
more tax-efficient?  Or is it better to 'loan' you the equipment which then 
depreciates over two or three years, then I donate it to you for zero cost?


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