IA-64 related question (tangentially)

Simon Hogg seth at hogg.org
Fri Apr 11 04:39:12 EDT 2003

Don't everybody get excited straight away - this needs to be approved by a 
few people first :-)

Suppose 'a friend' had some Itanium hardware to be donated to a 'good 
cause' - what's the best way of going about it?  Should it go to FSF / Gnu 
/ Debian projects to further their development (in general software terms)?

Or, should it go to a local university in support of a specific 'end-user' 
/ project (maybe beowulf related) role.

What are the pros and cons of each route (for the receiver)?  I am more 
tempted by the FSF / Debian donation, but maybe there are other benefits.

p.s. The 'gift' won't be in the order of the 300+ nodes at OSC!

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