[Linux-ia64] Itanium gets supercomputing software

Duraid Madina duraid at octopus.com.au
Thu Apr 10 16:55:30 EDT 2003

You and I both know the only real barrier to Itanium adoption is the 
price. Can anyone here shed some light on this? Why is Itanium hardware 
still so expensive?

Seriously, IA64 must be the first architecture in history where a 
software simulator is still being developed 4 years after commercial 
availability of silicon (indeed, entire systems).

Hello? Is anyone home? If Intel thinks an 0.13u respin of Itanium 2 
going for $1000 a pop is going to save them from the horrible onslaught 
of horrible hardware (x86-64 ;) it'd seem they have another thing coming!

We live in Carly times. :\


Grant Grundler wrote:
> Gah!
> Both Oracle and Computer Associates have ia64-linux product available.

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