help!!!!!!!!!-suggest a parallel program to be run on a beowulf cluster

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Thu Apr 10 11:54:57 EDT 2003

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, anand bagchi wrote:

> hi all ,
>             i am working on a beowulf cluster as a
> part of my undergraduate training and need to run a
> program on it . Could anybody suggest a parallel
> program that can be implemented or suggest a book or a
> website from where i can get some help . 

The two most common demo programs to my experience are pvmpov (povray
parallelized on PVM) and one of several parallelized Mandelbrot set
generators, under either PVM or MPI.  There are also mini-demo's and
example programs in the distributions themselves or on their primary web
homes, although they tend to be less graphical.

The nice thing about either of these is that parallel speedup is clearly
evident on almost any network, and that the speedup is beautifully
(literally) rendered on the screen.  One can rubberband one's way down
into the visually stunning mandelbrot set and "see" individual patches
of the new image being returned by the nodes, ditto for the rendering of
pvmpov's standard pitcher/picture.  If you use e.g. xpvm to add or
remove nodes to your cluster, you can watch the computation speed up or
slow down.

Beyond these, there are of course many other resources you can use to
write demos of your own or adopt demos from code in books.  There are
nice books on both PVM and MPI from e.g. MIT press that you can probably
order via Amazon from anywhere in the world.  A perusal of the mpich and
pvm websites will turn up lots of useful things.  I'm sure others on the
list will return other specific reference programs and resources, for
example parallelized linpack computations and the like, that are
sometimes used to "benchmark" a cluster.


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