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>From: Jonathan Gratch <gratch at ict.usc.edu>
>Subject: Cluster job opportunity
>Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 07:43:36 -0700
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>I saw your recent paper at the VR2003 confrence.
>Our research institute is hoping to hire someone to lead
>a R&D effort to develop a cluster system for VR applications.  I don't
>know if this community has a mailing list where it might be more
>appropriate to post job openings so I've contacted you directly in the
>hope that you might let me know if there is a mailing list or if there
>might be a place at your institute that you could post the following
>job opening.
>Thanks in advance,
>jon gratch
>Jonathan Gratch                              | www.ict.usc.edu/~gratch
>Project Leader, Research Assistant Professor | Phone:  (310) 448-0306
>USC Institute for Creative Technologies      | Fax:    (310) 574-5725
>13274 Fiji Way, Suite 600                    | E-mail: gratch at ict.usc.edu
>Marina del Rey, CA 90292                     |
>Job Posting for Cluster Project Leader (Req# 14490)
>The University of Southern California's Institute for Creative
>Technologies is involved in fundamental research on advancing the
>state of virtual reality training systems through a combination of
>advanced graphics, audio, artificial intelligence and Hollywood
>production techniques. We are currently seeking a senior programmer
>with project management experience to coordinate the research and
>development of a distributed rendering and animation engine that will
>serve as the backbone of the next generation of ICT training
>simulators.  The goal of this multi-year project is to create a
>flexible architecture, using commercial off-the-shelf software where
>possible, that will support the real-time graphics, audio,
>animation and simulation requirements of multiple ICT research
>efforts. A key aspect of the project is to support distributed
>rendering of real-time graphics on a cluster of PC computers.
>The applicant can expect to spend half of their time performing
>management duties and half programming.  Management duties include
>working with research project leaders to refine system requirements,
>defining tasks and priorities, creating milestones and managing a
>small team of developers, contacting vendors and attending conferences
>to stay informed of developments in the area. Programming duties
>include developing new software and evaluating and integrating
>commercial solutions.
>The ideal applicant will have:
>* project management experience
>* familiarity with virtual reality systems (military simulations,
>  computer games)
>* expertise in computer graphics (specifically, Performer and OpenGL),
>* familiarity with graphics clusters and supporting software
>  (Renderizer, ClusterJuggler, Chromium)
>* expertise with C++, UNIX/LINUX/IRIX and Windows operating systems
>* familiarity with high-speed network solutions (Myrinet, Gigabit
>  ethernet)
>* familiarity with commercial content production tools (Maya, 3D
>  Sudio, Diva)
>Interested applicants should apply to job Requisition number 14490
>at http://www.usc.edu/bus-affairs/ers/search.html.


Virtual Reality Laboratory,
Advanced Information Technology (Code 5580),
Naval Research Laboratory,
4555 Overlook Avenue SW,
Washington, DC 20375-5337

Email   : baillot at ait.nrl.navy.mil
Work    : (202) 404 7801
Home    : (202) 518 3960
Cell    : (703) 732 5679
Fax     : (202) 767 1122
Web     : http://ait.nrl.navy.mil/vrlab/projects/BARS/BARS.html

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