Specific Question about Single vs. Dual Processor System

Jeff Nguyen jeff at aslab.com
Mon Apr 7 20:22:04 EDT 2003

> I don't see anything really attractive about this board -
> most of the features are useless (agp, for instance, S/PDIF, 1394).
> it doesn't seem like SATA is happening fast enough to be a good
> motive, either.
> if you insist on P4's, I'd probably go with a 845PE or maybe GE.
> several vendors bundle such boards with gigabit.  I have mixed info
> on whether the integrated video on the GE causes problems - I expect
> that if you're in text mode, it wouldn't steal enough dram bandwidth
> to notice.  Intel chipsets are a bit of a conservative choice,
> but sometimes that's the right move (heck, Asus is fairly conservative).
> it's worth at least considering e7205 boards, since doubling the bandwidth
> does definitely help many compute codes (unlike most desktop apps.)

I would rather wait for 865P (Springsdale) or 875P (Canterwood) instead
of going for E7205. These new platforms will out really soon. :) They will
offer higher front side bus (800mhz) and faster memory bus (400mhz) at
the same cost as the existing E7205 machines.


ASL Inc.

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