advice on cluster purchase

jbassett jbassett at
Sun Apr 6 00:35:31 EST 2003

Hi, I am an undergraduate involved with a totally student run parallel 
computing experience. We have approximately 10,000 of university money with 
which to produce the best possible machine. I would  be interested to hear 
from you all what configuration you would choose if someone just said "here's 
the money, build the best system you can." The system will do both cpu 
dominated and network intensive activities, so it would be tailored for 
neither. Do SMP nodes tend to be superior in a cost/performance framework? I 
have worked with other peoples systems and they are always dual cpu nodes, my 
impression being that it is for the purpose of minimizing overall size- as I 
tend to start a process on each cpu. Any advice would be appreciated. 
Joseph Bassett

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