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Thu Apr 3 12:35:00 EST 2003

On Thu, 3 Apr 103, Mikhail Kuzminsky wrote:

> According to Dennis Sarvis, II
> > How does one go about creating a 2 PC cluster? I have a redhat 400Mhz
> > PII and a Debian Celeron 550Mhz.  Can I do something like use 2 NICs in
> > the controller and one in the slave (1 NIC for the office
> > network/internet and the other connecting via crossover 10baseT to the
> > NIC on node1 slave)?
>    Yes, I use like configuration in my home (but w/o permanent
> external link to Internet).

However, small switches are SO cheap ($50?) that it is hard not to
justify buying a switch unless you are stone cold broke.  Even a small
switch also makes it much easier to add more nodes as you find them.
They are almost certainly going to be 100BT as well, so that you can use
faster NICs on future systems without having to deal with 10BT to 100BT
crossover connections, multiple NICs in the head node, and so forth.

I mean, the cost of a switch (per port) can actually be less than the
cost of the NIC ports that connect to it these days.  Go for it.


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