Which MPI implementation for MPI-2? ...

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Wed Apr 2 15:11:20 EST 2003

Eray Ozkural wrote:

>I wasn't able to get LAM one sided ops to run at all last year when I gave it
>a shot. (I have a feeling their architecture is a little buggy and
>inefficient). Maybe mpich can cope better with MPI-2, well aren't they using
>libraries like global arrays at Sandia which do one sided comms?

To anyone ...

Somewhat tangentially, but while we are on the subject of one-sided
communications in MPI-2, am I correct in assuming that this capability 
is implemented as it is in SHMEM ... via communication to/from symmetric 
(or known asymmetric) memory locations inside the companion processes 
memory space.  It would seem to be a requirement for speed and would 
also seem to require the use of identical binaries on each processor
(and COMMON or static to place data in a symmetric location).

Thanks for your guidance ...

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