OK, I can finally talk about it (fwd)

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Mon Sep 23 16:04:09 EDT 2002

Ron Minnich wrote:

>One question I keep getting from the Big Computer Vendors: "how many nodes
>will this sell this year? How much money?" Well, this year, linuxbios will
>sell at least 2500 or so dual-P4 nodes, not counting all the other types
>of nodes currently selling. And, though it is a small number, total
>linuxbios cluster node sales this year are over $16M, up from $0M last

Think the LinuxBios idea is cool and progres great, but noticed 
that a simple division:

     $16,000,000  /  2500 =  $6,400

Is a bit on the high side (about $2,000 over what I need to 
speed to get a fast dual-P4 Myrinet cluster today) ... perhaps 
doing this division is too simple(istic)?

Can you comment? Thanks,


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