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Leandro Tavares Carneiro leandro at
Thu Oct 31 07:55:53 EST 2002


	I work here with an cluster beowulf running an "home-made" parallel 
aplication, using MPI, and we have some problems of local disk IO.
	The aplication needs to load a lot of data information to process the real 
data, and the development team don't know how to make the read more eficient. 
They wanna change the block size when reading and writing, but they don't are 
"IO experts", and they are having a lot of trouble with it.
	The application is writen in Fortran, and the development team sayd in  this 
progamming language the change of block size is not possible, but they believe 
be possible in C. Anyone have faced this kind of problem?
	This application runs also in an SGI machine with 32 cpus and the problem is 
the same...
	If anyone have some tip to give to me, i will be very grateful!


PS: Sorry about my poor english.

Leandro Tavares Carneiro
Analista de Suporte
Telefone: 2534-1427

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