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> When misused, this can of course lead to immense bloat in the generated
> output.  Any language can be misused and C++ is by no means an
> exception.  But as ugly as ugly C++ is, beautiful C++ is really, well,
> beautiful   :)

A great example of C++ beauty from the page 4 of the Oct 2002 C/C++ users

"Consider the now-trite "word count" program that uses a map data structure
to keep track of the number of instances of each word in a document.  In
Java, a language not known for its economy of expression, you'll need code
something like the following to process a word:

if ( !myMap.containsKey( key ) )
	myMap.put( key, new Integer( 1 ) );
else {
	Integer count = (Integer) myMap.get( key );
	int icount = count.intValue( );
	myMap.put( key, new Integer( ++icount ) );

whereas in C++ it is simply:


More expressive power begets higher-level programming, which in turn leads
to elegant, readable code."

I would love to see the FORTRAN version of this code....

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