[BProc] Master node in Clustermatic (BProc)

Yung-Sheng Tang jeff at hoolan.org
Thu Nov 28 05:46:00 EST 2002

On 28 Nov 2002, Ana Bosque wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-11-28 at 02:30, Yung-Sheng Tang wrote:
> > Does any body have experience on Clustermatic or other BProc-based
> > single system image distribution? I can't dispatch MPI jobs to my
> > master (head) node because it doesn't exist in bproc_nodelist().
> Try with -1. The number -1 is the master node. I tried it and it worked
> finely.

I can use "env NODES=-1,0 mpirun --p4 -np 2 ./hello++" to directly
inform mpirun to dispatch hello++ to master node and node 0, but with
"env NODES=-1,0 mpirun --gm -np 2 ./hello++" it will fail because master
node doesn't appear in the node list so GM ID of master node can not be
found, mpich-gm that Clustermatic supplied needs GM ID to establish
communication, not IP address. I have fast ethernet and myrinet
interface each in my cluster nodes, master and slaves. Anyway, thank you
for your reply.

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