Need comments about cluster file systems

Walter B. Ligon III walt at CLEMSON.EDU
Fri Nov 15 09:07:18 EST 2002


> Are there some figures about PVFS perfs over SCI and/or Myrinet ?
> Thansk,
>   Philippe

Yes, there are figures for PVFS performance over Myrinet - check the PVFS web page - they are in some of our papers - or talk to Rob Ross he has up-to-date

Those figures are for PVFS over TCP/IP over Myrinet.  PVFS was written for
TCP/IP and won't run over anything else.  At the time the project was
started SCI wasn't really a player yet.

PVFS2 will be protocol independent.  We already have the network transport
mechanism (BMI) working and running well over TCP/IP and GM(Myrinet).  It
should be portable to VIA and SCI.

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