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>Subject: Tyan serial console - how?
>Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 12:36:51 -0800
>I've been trying to get the Tyan serial console working
>on our rack full of 2466 boards. So far only partial success.

Some hints:
When Linux kernel loads you do not get console sent to serial by default, 
so on your boot command you may wish to add the following kernel parameters:
This does assume, of course, that when you built your kernel you enabled 
serial console support.
In your .config you should see some lines like:

Also, note the 19,200 speed.
In general speeds that are higher than this are not very useful , 
especially under software (X-on/X-off) flow control are not that good above 

You will see some "snow" as the terminal scans the screen on intervals. 
While irritating, it is harmless.

Next question is how do you deal with the fact that the terminal keyboards 
do not make keycodes for "Esc" or "F2" by default?

Perhaps looking at what a VT100 terminal actually works with may be 

And for ANSI sequences:

Before everyone gets on Tyan's case about this, the things you are seeing 
are NORMAL serial console behaviour. This was the same on DEC boxes, old 
Suns, HP's and so forth as well.

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