Hardware Progress: $397 (fwd)

Christoph Wasshuber wasshub at ti.com
Wed Mar 27 13:42:34 EST 2002

> AMD plans to be
> producing chips with 65nm feature size by 2006,
> which should lead to a 20x reduction in cost.

Who says that 65nm feature size (which means 
in this case gate length) results in 20x cost
Given that all processing tools for such a
technology are more expensive and the fact that
we are already today at ~100nm in production
there is hardly a 20x cost reduction possible.
The real are reduction is dependent on minimum
pitch which is a lot larger more like 300nm.

Going to 300mm wafers will reduce overall cost,
but this has nothing to do with minimum feature

I would think a cost reduction by 2-5x maximum
in 2006.

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