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	Hello all!

	I had a crazy idea the other day. I recently came into posession of
a DEC Multia. For those who aren't familiar, the Multia is a very
small footprint Alpha that's a few years old. There's quite a few of
them around, still available. These have onboard ethernet, sound,
video, etc. I've also got a Compaq 5000 Quad that's about to go into
a rack. So I thought, maybe I could pick up a few more Multias and
make myself a slow supercomputer...

	Anyhow, my real question is, if the Multia thing doesn't work out,
what are some options for building very small, compact clusters? I'm
a student, so my money's tight, and I'll probably have to seek
funding for my little project. I figured I could get 7 or maybe 8
Multias into a 5-unit rack space. I've seen the SBCs, but can't find
many of them for a decent price. Plus, the ones I can afford are too
slow. (486) I remembered my Dreamcast downstairs, but it's so hard to
find the ethernet adapter for those, so forget it. Is there anything
else that you guys can think of that's powerful, and cheap (namely

	Thanks a lot!

	BTW: Please reply directly to me, as I'm not on the list yet.

	Zach Lowry

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