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> I am now working on a specification for an 8 node cluster using 
> what everyone else seems to be using these days:  dual AMD CPU's, 
> and Tyan Tiger 2460 motherboards.   I am pretty set on the configuration 
> of the nodes, but I am curious what other people (e.g. Frank Joerdens, 
> Luc Renambot) are using for communication in similar configurations.  
> (And why)
> For the applications I am interested in, communication speed and
> latency is important but I cannot afford SCI (Dolphin) or Myranet.  
> I believe that this limits my choice to some sort of gigabit ethernet
> with a switch.  (I was looking at the D-Link 8 port gigabit ethernet
> switch DGS-1008T and D-Link DGE-550T network cards.)
> Brett van de Sande
> Geneva College

For now we use 100MB switched Ethernet and old Myrinet (PCI 32bits/33Mhz),
which is still nice for low latency and raisonable bandwidth required
for interactive 3D aplications. We quite pleased with performance and
stability (since the fix for AGP on Linux with GeForce3).

You can have a look at our page:

renambot at cs.vu.nl

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