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Heger The Horrible jayne at
Thu Feb 28 12:59:37 EST 2002


I am a newbie to setting up Beowulf's.
Am doing one currently for my final year project at university.

Anyway, I have installed SuSE 7.2 on 4 nodes, (P100's)., and have installed 
pvm when I was doing the installation of SuSE.

I can get the pvm>, so assume pvm is working correctly. I can conf, to see 
the master node. What I cannot do however is add hostname. When I do, I get 
this message (see below message)
I have installed pvm on the slave nodes in the same way as I did for the 
master, and can get pvm> on each of them.
I have edited hosts.equiv, and hosts.allow for each of them.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me. I am a newbie in Beowulf's as I 
said before, so hopefully its something simple to you guys/girls.

Many Thanks

Jayne Heger

pvm>add tiger
add tiger
0 successful
                    HOST     DTID
                   tiger Can't start pvmd

Auto-Diagnosing Failed Hosts...
Verifying Local Path to "rsh"...
Rsh found in /usr/bin/rsh - O.K.
Testing Rsh/Rhosts Access to Host "tiger"...

Rsh/Rhosts Access FAILED - "tiger: Connection refused"
Make sure host tiger is up and connected to
a network and check its DNS / IP address.
Also verify that tabby is allowed
rsh access on tiger
Add this line to the $HOME/.rhosts on tiger:
tabby jayne
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