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Adam Lazur alazur at plogic.com
Wed Feb 20 09:35:29 EST 2002

Aleksey Tsalolikhin (eesti at corp.earthlink.net) said:
> >On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Rick <wulf at righi.df.unibo.it> wrote:
> >> I need a software which can allow me to open multiple windows on one
> >> terminal like the screen GNU software does but I am not interested in
> >> having a shell spawned. I am interested that every new window opened on my
> >> console terminal spawns a ssh or telnet process to one machine of my Linux
> >> cluster and i want t oswitch between one connactoin to another.

GNU screen can do this. You can use the command :screen ssh host and it
will spawn ssh instead of a shell. You can also add these type of
commands to your .screenrc so you can spawn N number of connections on
screen startup.

If you want help with screen (or setting up the above), there's the
gnu-screen at yahoogroups.com mailing list.

>   Let's say I've started 20 xterms, each with an ssh session to a
> (different) host. Can I bring one of these xterms to the foreground
> by hostname?  
>   E.g. I have xterm/ssh sessions to hosts: apple, banana, orange,
> and tomato. :)  I'd like to run an app that will make a small window
> pop up, I type "apple", (or "a", and have a name completion routine
> fill out the rest), hit Enter, and voila, the xterm with the ssh
> session to "apple" is brought from background or iconization to
> foreground.
>   With 30 different xterms open, this would be VERY handy.
>   Has anybody else run into this already/solved it?

GNU screen can probably also handle doing this, though not in the
multiple xterms GUI kind of way you ask. You could have 1 screen session
in an xterm and change your current screen window to one titled "foo"
with some scriptage.

As far as GUI stuff goes, this would probably best be done at the window
manager level. I'm sure one could make this work with some LISP if you
used sawfish as the window manager and set the window titles on the

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