diskless nodes

Chip Coldwell coldwell at frank.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 11 12:03:42 EST 2002

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 08:51:58AM -0500, Richard C Ferri wrote:
>       FWIW, I just published an article in the January edition of
> LinuxJournal titled "The Basics of Booting Linux Remotely".  It discusses
> both pxe and etherboot, but only talks about NFS mounted remote root file
> systems.  I originally explained several methods of providing the root FS,
> but had to edit due to space considerations.

Looks like you scooped me!  Probably LJ has published everything they
care to about diskless booting for a while.

Did your pre-edit article include RAM disks?  Personally, I think they
are a big win for cluster configurations.


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