>2 p4 processor systems (Robert G. Brown)

Steve Cousins cousins at limpet.umeoce.maine.edu
Wed Aug 28 15:35:29 EDT 2002

> On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Robert G. Brown wrote:

>     i) 6 P3s share one block of three SDRAM slots, maximum memory of 1.5
> GB (or 256 MB per CPU).  Memory is shared, ....

Are the 6-Way machines that are in question the Western Scientific
"SuperCluster" servers ( www.wsm.com )?  If so, these are actually three
Dual-CPU nodes in a 1U case.  The arguments about power might still hold
but a lot of other stuff ( Memory bandwidth, etc) goes out the window.

The cost per Gflop still might make the P4's attractive.  I don't know the

If the machines that you are talking about really are 6-Way SMP nodes,
what are they?

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