Tyan Tiger 2460

Daniel R. Philpott dan at systemsfirm.net
Mon Apr 29 02:06:27 EDT 2002

> From: Robert G. Brown [mailto:rgb at phy.duke.edu] 
> a couple of the boxes today armed with a 32 bit riser, a 64 
> bit riser, and an ATI rage video card and a 3c905m NIC.  
>   a) Only the video card would work in slot 1.  Period.  If 
> we put the 3c905 in slot one all by itself (using the BIOS 
> console), the system would behave erratically, actually 
>   b) If slot one had video or was empty, the system would 
> work fine for all other vertical configurations.  That is, 
> The problem persisted, identically, when we put the 64 bit 
> riser (which we were really counting on to fix things) into 
> slot 1 and plugged the NIC and video into it, in either 
> order.  
> HOWEVER, being clever little beasties, we put the dismounted 
> (32 bit) riser in slot 2 with the extra cabled keys in slots 
> 3 and 4, added the dismounted PCI cards to any slots we felt 
> like and voila!  The system, she work perfectly.  

Just a quick observation, looking at the different configurations you
tried makes me think that the working configuration may have modified
(slightly) the latency of the PCI bus.  Have you tried modifying the PCI
latency in BIOS to work without the extra hardware?

I don't use the Tiger 2460 boards (I was a sucker for the S2462) so I
can't test this hypothesis but maybe someone else can test it out.  

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