Help! Scyld Beowuld Installation:

Ao Jiang ajiang at
Sat Apr 27 21:24:29 EDT 2002

  I am a beginner of Beowulf user. I tried to install it usingscyld
beowulf release 2.0 Preview. I installed the master node successfully. But
when I installed the slave nodes, I met a problem. According to
Installation guide, when I boot the slave node from CD-Rom, the slave
node will be listed in beosetup by MAC address. It happened! When I
dragged it to center column, clicked 'apply'. The node is assigned
to node 0. But the slave node is always 'down', even if I reboot the
master node. The status slave node still is 'down'.
  By the way, the slave node always send singal "Sending RARP request..."
  If you can give me some suggestion, I'll appreciate it!


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