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Donald Becker becker at
Wed Apr 24 12:34:43 EDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, James Cownie wrote:
> Sorry if you get something like this message twice, I submitted it
> once and nothing has come back, although my correction to one of the
> www addresses went through :-(

Your messages to the list are held for moderation due to the header
contents.  Your messages don't appear to be coming from your subscribed
address.  I've since added an exception that should allow your posts to
be automatically approved.

The message filters on the Beowulf lists are frequently updated, and for
good reason.  There are many attempts to post spam and virus emails.
Only a tiny fraction manages to slip through, and I add new rules to
attempt to catch future copies.  But the spammers learn new tricks.
Readers should expect occasional bogus messages.

On the topic of moderation-holds: I try to do the approval moderation each
day.  I'm sometime on travel and don't have the opportunity to
moderate.  (In the past delegating this work has not been reliable.)
To avoid moderation holds:
  Have your post appear to come from your subscribed email address
  Use a non-trivial subject line
  Post from an IP address address that can be reverse-resolved
  Don't post from any machine in ".kr", ".cn" or ".pt".
  Avoid any mention of printer supplies or "enlargement" drugs
     (unless the latter is directly related to your cluster use ;->)

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